About Get Changed Theatre Company

Established in 1995, Get Changed Theatre Company is a vibrant organisation for adults with learning disabilities in West and Mid Devon.

Our mission

  • to produce high quality arts projects which challenge public attitudes and raise the profile of the disability community

Our vision

  • to increase awareness of the problems faced by people with learning disabilities and leave something striking and of lasting value within the community

Our workshops and projects have been designed to:

  • build confidence
  • increase self-esteem
  • improve mental health and general wellbeing
  • develop practical and transferable skills which can lead to the acquisition of accredited qualifications
  • encourage individuals to make choices
  • support individuals to take responsibility for their actions while respecting and valuing each other

Our annual programme consists of:

  • 45 day-long arts-based workshops
  • major productions to showcase talent
  • small-scale events to share and celebrate achievement
​Get Changed was founded in 1995 with only seven participants, but over the years it has grown in size to deliver more challenging performances. The organisation now encompasses:
  • up to 21 participants with learning disabilities
  • 2 arts practitioners running weekly workshops
  • 17 supporting arts practitioners for productions
  • 5 support workers funded by care providers
  • 1 workshop volunteer
  • 6 voluntary management team members
  • 1 project co-ordinator
  • families and carers who benefit from weekly respite