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Our Lockdown Journey


Like with so many organisations who had to close their doors in March 2020 we had to very quickly reinvent how we delivered our service.

We started our online activities immediately those first couple of online meetings were just aimed at keep our members connected and maintaining social interactions as we went into lockdown.

This developed into our regular half day weekly sessions. The sessions gave us the opportunity for seeing friends, having fun, moving around, getting exercise and sharing our stories and experiences with each other. Outside of the sessions group members and their staff worked together to create films and photos that could be shared each week during the session.

Ten Minute Tales becomes digital tales…

Thanks to funding for the National Lottery Community Fund that we had secured prior to lockdown for our ‘Ten minute tales’ summer tour we embarked upon a project of ‘Variable length tales told in a variety of digital media.

During the weekly Wednesday session we all worked together on developing characters and stories for podcasts, films, music and animation.

Each house or individual also worked with various artists online to create their own parts or individual work. This gave us the opportunity to work in new way and using different art forms with our members to express themselves through various digital media.

Philip Robinson from Inspiring Arts went out and did some socially distant outdoor music sessions gathering lots of recordings from group members and their housemates. More sound and music was recorded over zoom or by posting audio recorders around Devon.

Filming took place over the summer through a variety of methods including socially distant filming sessions at various locations, shooting with some people socially distant and some on zoom or shooting the whole thing over zoom with staff acting as crew and camera opps.

Lockdown Get Changed has certainly been lots of work for everyone involved and required us to be more flexible than we have ever had to before, dealing with constant changes to the rules and the fluctuating availability of both group members and support staff kept us on our toes and lead to many rewrites and new plans

Finally after many sleepless nights and long days spent re-recording and editing eventually it all came together for our presentation in December.