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Volunteer Policy

January 2023

Volunteers provide an invaluable service to the Get Changed Theatre Company; therefore, we need to ensure that our volunteers are protected.

The purpose of this volunteer policy and procedure is to provide the Get Changed Theatre Company with guidelines to help in properly selecting their volunteers, obtaining needed information from volunteers, and ensuring that volunteers have general liability coverage.

Who is considered a volunteer?

A volunteer is any individual who performs a service for and directly related to the business of Get Changed Theatre Company without the expectation of monetary or material compensation.

Volunteers are expected to comply with Get Changed Theatre Company policies and regulations that govern their actions, including but not limited to those of ethical behaviour, confidentiality, financial responsibility, and drug and alcohol use.

The organisation must select volunteers who meet the minimum qualifications to perform the tasks and are instrumental in ensuring the experience is enhanced for the members. Volunteers may not replace classified employees.

A volunteer may not perform any work until he/she has signed the volunteer agreement form detailing the nature of the work to be performed and the relationship of the volunteer to the group.

Volunteers serve at the pleasure of the Get Changed Theatre Company. Accordingly, a volunteer assignment can be terminated at the discretion of the organisation without notice or cause.

Volunteer Screening

A prospective volunteer may be required to undergo a background check through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to determine fitness for the assignment.

Volunteer Training

Training/Training information pack – as appropriate – will be offered to volunteers working with the Get Changed Theatre Company. A trained staff member must supervise volunteers.  Volunteers will never be left alone with any vulnerable people and must always work alongside trained staff and abide fully with policy regulations.

Insurance Requirement

For workers’ compensation purposes, volunteers are considered employees of the Get Changed Theatre Company while they are performing their duties for the organisation.

For more information / correspondence contact:

Email: info@getchanged.com